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我去旅行,是因为我决定了要去,并不是因为对风景的兴趣。I went to travel because it is my decision, not because of my interest in scenery.

任何年龄段的女人都有她在那个年龄阶段所呈现出来的无法复刻的美。她因年龄而减损的,又因性格而弥补回来,更因勤劳赢得了更多。A woman of any age has the irreproducible beauty that she showed at that age. What she lost because of her age, she made up for it because of her character, and she won more because of her hard work.

当一个女人决定和一个男人睡觉时,就没有她跃不过去的围墙,没有她推不倒的堡垒,也没有她抛不下的道德顾虑,事实上没有能管得住她的上帝。谨慎做这样的决定。When a woman decides to sleep with a man, there is no wall that she can't jump over, no fortress that she can't overthrow, no moral concerns that she can't let go, and in fact there is no God who can control her. Make such a decision carefully.

真正的爱情需要什么?需要两个人在一起是轻松快乐的,没有压力。What does true love need? The need for two people to be together is relaxed and happy, without pressure.

趁年轻,好好利用这个机会,尽力去尝遍所有痛苦,这种事可不是一辈子什么时候都会遇到的。While young, make good use of this opportunity and try your best to taste all the pain. This kind of thing is not something that you will encounter all your life.

说到底,爱情是一种本能,要么第一次就会,要么就一辈子也不会。After all, love is an instinct, either for the first time or not for the rest of your life.

心灵的爱情在腰部以上,肉体的爱情在腰部往下。The love of the soul is above the waist, and the love of the flesh is below the waist.

人不是从娘胎里出来就一成不变的,相反,生活会逼迫他一次又一次地脱胎换骨。People are not immutable when they come out of the womb, on the contrary, life will force him to be reborn again and again.


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